XVIII Scientific Forum ‘Ural Mining Decade’
2 – 11 April 2020

Ural Mining Decade traditionally draws attention of Russian and foreign mining and extractive enterprises and organizations, research institutes of The Russian Academy of Sciences, educational organizations. It contributes to effective engagement of science and industry, strengthen the status of the Ural region as one of mining complex centers of the Russian Federation.

2 – 11 April 2020. Ural State Mining University, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Registration date – 1 April 2020

The submission deadline is 15 May 2020. You may send your manuscript now or up until the deadline. 

Date of notification of publication’s acceptance – within 2 weeks after sending the materials

Publication date – June 2020

We publish articles covering the following sections and study fields of research workers:

  1. Geotechnology
  2. Mining and oil-and-gas geology and geophysics
  3. Rock geomechanics. Mining machinery and transport
  4. Mine surveying, geodesy, and cadastre
  5. Geoinformatics
  6. Mineral processing
  7. Natural resources & ecological economics
  8. Industrial ecology
  9. Mining industrial safety

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Organizing Committee

Aleksey V. DUSHIN, Dr, Rector, Ural State Mining University, Ekaterinburg, Russia (Economic sciences)

Niyaz Gadym ogly VALIEV, Dr, Professor, Ural State Mining University, Ekaterinburg, Russia (Engineering sciences)

Anatoly B. MAKAROV, Dr, Professor, Ural State Mining University, Ekaterinburg, Russia (Earth sciences)

Scientific Committee

Viktor A. GORDEEV, Dr, Professor, Ural State Mining University, Ekaterinburg, Russia (Engineering sciences)

Vladimir B. PISETSKY, Dr, Professor, Ural State Mining University, Ekaterinburg, Russia (Earth sciences)

Viktor A. KOROTEEV, Academician of the RAS, Dr, Professor, Ekaterinburg, Russia, Zavaritsky Institute of Geology and Geochemistry, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (Earth sciences)

ABDEL GAWAD Ahmed El Sayed, Dr, Nuclear Materials Authority, Cairo, Egypt (Earth sciences)

R. K. W. MERKLE, Dr, Professor, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa (Earth sciences)

Xuan Nam BUI, Dr.-Ing., Associate Professor, Vice Rector, Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, Hanoi, Vietnam (Engineering sciences)

Ju. A. VEKSLER, Dr.-Ing.habil, Prof., Marco Systemanalyse und Entwicklung GmbH, Dachau, Germany (Engineering sciences)

Carsten DREBENSTEDT, Professor, Dr.-Ing., Technical University Bergakademie, Freiberg, Germany (Engineering sciences)

Nicolae ILIAS - Dr of Technical Science, Prof., Universitatea din Petrosani, Petrosani, Romania (Engineering sciences)

Vladimir S. MORKUN, Dr, Professor, Vice-Rector for scientific work, Kryvyi Rih National University, Krivoy Rog, Ukraine (Engineering sciences)

Reinhard F. SACHSENHOFER, Mag.rer.nat., Dr.mont., Univ.-Professor, Montanuniversitat Leoben, Leoben, Austria (Engineering sciences)

Anna-Maria FERRERO, PhD, Universita degli Studi di Torino, Torino, Italy (Engineering sciences)

Aleksandr F. VERSHKOV, Dr, Professor, Geology Department in Uranium Exploration Company «Volkovgeologiia», Almaty, Kazakhstan (Economic sciences)

Fukun XIAO, PhD, Professor, Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology, Harbin, China (Engineering sciences)

For further details on the submission process of the manuscripts, please see contact details

E-mail: umd20@mail.ru